snow day, part deux

We got a foot of snow yesterday.  That’s twelve inches, a pile that goes up to my mid-shin region on my leg and most of the way up my tires on my car.  I stepped outside this morning to discover that the snow removal team hadn’t even begun to hit my parking lot and that though the city had come through on the street the world was still very, very white.

I immediately turned around, came back in, hit up the coffee maker, and selected a mug that made me think of sunnier skies.  Maybe some of the warmth of California would find its way here through the magic of my coffee cup.  Maybe.

Mmm, warm coffee...

Mmm, warm coffee…

The day job decided to give us another day off because of the snow, the crazy cold, and the hazards of braving humanity today.  Of course, I’m going to go in on the late night overnight shift (essential services for a crisis center run twenty-four hours a day) but I still get to enjoy the actual snow day.  I’m presently on my second cup of hot chocolate, I had some of my amazing gluten-free Bacon Cheeseburger Soup leftovers, and I put away the laundry.  I’m considering more coffee and maybe a Batman movie festival before taking a nice long nap.  I know the snow is pain, but I’m really grateful for snow days.  They give me a chance to just enjoy my life exactly where I am.  In the busy world of being an adult I don’t get to do that enough.


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