snow day

Snow Day

February 4, 2014

Winter has not been ideal here in Kansas.  It rarely is, but this winter in particular has been strange and unrelenting in its strangeness.  We started with the Polar Vortex only to have temperatures bounce into the sixties for a handful of days before crashing back into brutal cold.  We’ve had rain and ice and little bitty fluries, but nothing consistent and nothing that made sense.  Then they started calling for a snowstorm.

I woke up to the sidewalks and parking area lightly blanketed in snow this morning.  I had deliberately slept in as my day job had made the decision the night before to close.  My part-time job, a gig in the makeup industry, was still possibly on for the evening so getting started on a big project wasn’t in the cards.  So I set about making a warm breakfast, having some coffee, curling up on the couch for a multi-hour nap, and putting together a gluten-free Bacon Cheeseburger Soup that has become a snow day staple in my life.  By then the makeup job was declared cancelled for the evening (yipee!) and the day job declared a late start for tomorrow.  I had time to do stuff.

I’ve attempted blogging before.  I read all these beautiful and fabulous blogs and I wish that I could write like them or have my pictures look like theirs or, honestly, have a life like the ones portrayed on those blogs.  The reality though is that my home is usually in a state of chaos, my meals aren’t all home-cooked, and I often look as frazzled as I feel.  My life isn’t ready for a magazine spread.  It’s imperfect.  But it’s also wonderful.  So on this grown up snow day I decided to start a blog that celebrates my life exactly as I live it: imperfect, chaotic, and absolutely fabulous.

Stay warm out there, friends.


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