This is what burnout looks like.


My mantle…my weirdly still Christmassy mantle.

Life has a tendency of sneaking up on me, running past me, tripping me as it goes, and then mocking me from afar as it tosses more stuff in my way.  My mantle is pretty much the perfect example of that: I didn’t get the holiday decorations up until about a week before Christmas and they are still there a few days before March.  Classy, right?  It’s actually not too unattractive, but it is subtly annoying.  The rest of my apartment is worse and I can’t even look at my dining room/office without feeling a mild bit of panic.  There’s a lot of papers and things that need to be dealt with and I am definitely feeling very overwhelmed in certain areas of my life.  Add to it all that I recently fell on ice and sprained my ankle and it’s all more than a little crazy.  I’m worn out.  I’m a little cranky.  I want a break.  This, as I say more than I should, isn’t cute.

What is cute?  Pinterest.  What else does the chronically harried and out of whack do but troll around Pinterest looking at all the magical solutions people have come up with for the very problems they are seeking to solve?  Okay, they shop.  I’ve done some of that recently (and soon will have a new purse to squee about!)  They eat (my ridiculous love of bananas and Nutella is definitely in full swing.)  But they also do Pinterest, which is what I am doing right now with my messed up ankle propped up on a pillow that is resting on a laundry basket full of clean clothes that I need to put away.  I’m finding some neat ideas, too.  Here’s to hoping that maybe I can find something cool enough that it will magically fix the mess in my life right now–though it can keep Yule Goat on the mantle.  Yule Goat is awesome any time of year.  Seriously.


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