someone please tell the midwest it’s spring

I’m baaaaaaack.

Okay, I never really left.  I was just very busy since the last time I fired up this thing.  I’ve spent the last month learning just how ridiculous of an injury a sprained ankle is because it jacks up everything on the same leg and, if your extra lucky, jerks around with your back as well.  I’m so tired of limping and of swelling knees and such.

I also discovered in the last several weeks that I am moving in May.  My two-year wait for a much larger apartment within my same complex is now at an end.  Now I have to figure out how exactly I am going to purge, clean, organize and move all of the ridiculous stuff I have and have accumulated.  I had this great idea that I would spend this rare weekend off from work doing that, but the weather was just so glorious yesterday that I had to enjoy it.  Seventy degrees!  Sunny!  I busted out flip flops.


Foot freedom!

Probably not a great choice of footwear with my ankle, but damnit I wanted freedom.  I also got Henry the Kitty a “cat mat” from one of the local animal rescue groups.  It’s essentially a tiny little quilt with catnip layered on both sides of the batting part before the pretty cover is sewn on.  It was $10 and helps to pay the insane vet bills of independent rescues who help cats.  I love cats.  I hate vet bills and Henry is a nip fiend.  It was a must-have, especially since the fabric was such a pretty yellow and soft grey.  It just looked like spring and happiness.  Henry is thrilled (and coked out of his mind.)


Henry, high as a damn kite.

I love that cat.  He’s an endless source of amusement, companionship, and pure happiness.  He also has vampire fangs, which is pretty damn cool.  He’s especially humorous when he’s stoned which makes me think that I am going to need to buy more of these.  When the weather warms up again.  Didn’t I just say it was seventy yesterday?  I did!  And this morning it is thirty-something and we have SNOW again.  I woke up to my nose being cold and the sound of the wind howling and moaning outside.  It’s cold, kids.  Again.  Which ruins my idea to head into the basement and start sorting through boxes and piles of crap because the basement isn’t heated.  It’s bad enough I have to go down to do laundry.  I haven’t checked the weather report yet, but I am definitely hoping that the week is calling for warmer weather and an abolition of snow.  I’m so over this.  Someone please tell Kansas it’s spring.


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