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Spanish Armada

This post has no photos. I had a genius moment in the kitchen tonight where I decided that my dinner wasn’t interesting enough to photograph and, frankly, my kitchen too messy to immortalize on the blog even if my blog is about the idea of life not being perfect. The jar of bacon grease on my stove is just not cute no matter how you look at it (though it is tasty…) Why was my dinner not that interesting? Because I was making zucchini boats. They are all over Pinterest lately and there are hundreds of great pictures of them on the site. It’s awesome and I had two enormous zucchini that my parents had shipped me from their garden just chillin’ on my kitchen rack with some onions and peppers and tomatoes that had made the journey with them. As I have yet to find a gluten-free flour I like for dredging and frying (and I don’t have a fancy noodle-making took to make zucchini noodles with yet) I figured I could boat the damn things for dinner. I was also craving tacos and in a dreams-of-avocado-fuelled haze I decided that taco zucchini boats would be amazing.

For the first time in my entire adult life I actually did prep work before trying to throw everything together at once. I got out little bowls to put the diced veggies in. I scooped out my zucchini all neat and nice. I even followed the instructions to boil them for a minute in salted water rather than saying “well this is stupid” and skipping it. The fifteen minutes of prep was a lie, but within an hour I went from raw veggies and meat to something that smelled like glory and happiness in my oven.

Oh.  Man.  Taco zucchini boats are amazing. I felt like I was being really bad even though I was eating mostly veggies. I was so excited that I ate two boats. I felt happy and full. I nearly licked my plate. It was great. Great, that is, until I realized that I had a TON of leftovers and not exactly the appropriate size of plasticware to keep it in. Why? Because two huge zucchini make a LOT of boats. I didn’t just have myself some taco boats, I had a damn Spanish armada. I’m pretty sure I won’t have to make lunch or dinner and maybe lunch again for the next few days. Which is cool, but next time I will be more wary the way of the zucchini.

I wonder if you can make squash boats…they’d make a great British Navy if I stuff ’em with Shepherd’s Pie. I mean, why not have Battleship for dinner?


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