What lies beneath.

I’ve mentioned it before, but when I moved last month from a one-bedroom apartment to a much, much larger two-bedroom apartment in my complex (one that sits quite literally directly behind the other) it was not a tidy or well-organized affair.  Packing was not done even on the day of the move, things were not organized correctly, and while I did hire movers for two hours (to get the heaviest and largest items) the rest of the work was powerfully overwhelming.  Two antique lamps were shattered.  Many things were thrown away.  The majority of the not-critical items, including my prized mid-century purple sofa (that needs repairs,) ended up haphazardly thrown into the spacious basement of the new place.  They have remained down there in a horrible state of disarray for over two months.  Almost three months.


I am so much happier.


This weekend I had my first real weekend off in ages so I decided that I had had enough of the basement being ridiculous.  I was going to clean the damn place.  It took two and a half hours with a lot of breaks because the basement was stupidly hot (eff you, Kansas summers.)  I found two mugs that I thought had been broken/lost/stolen by a former roommate.  I found my box of purses.  I found that the cat had peed on a chair.  I threw away a few things and boxed up to giveaway some others.  It was boring and annoying, but it was very worth it.  I now have functional use of the majority of my basement and I was able to better store my vintage couch.  Next up is getting a washer and dryer like a damn grownup and having the couch repaired.

I feel pretty good about this.  There has been a lot going on for the past several weeks and I have had little time to do much other than work, wish I wasn’t working, or run around a great deal.  Finally getting to accomplish the basement, at least round one of it, has been awesome.  Maybe now I can tackle some other things.  Like crafts!



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