Face time.

I should start this post with a caveat, full disclosure, or whatever you want to call it.  I work for Clinique part time.  I’m what they call an accredited consultant, which roughly means that I have worked for them for over a year and went through the first level of testing (and passed!)  Working for Clinique is fun, lets me expand my knowledge of skincare and makeup, and is a huge way that I relax from my normal job.  Sometimes Clinique sends me stuff for free and I use a lot of Clinique products.  I have loved most Clinique products since a long, long time before I started working for them, but Clinique in no way shape or form pays me for my opinions.  They pay me to sell.  It’s a vastly different thing and I don’t sell things I don’t love (not because I don’t try, but because if the passion isn’t there you can just tell.)

Short version: nothing I am writing here is sponsored.  My opinion is my own.

Clinique recently came out with their answer to the Clairsonic: the Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush.  Or as I call it, the Sonic.  Like the Hedgehog.  Anyway.  It’s different in that it doesn’t rotate, has two different types of bristles on it to target the t-zone, is anti-microbial, and is compact and adorable. It’s also cheaper than the Clairsonic, which is rad.  Since my retailer (Macy’s) got the brushes at the start of an extra employee discount weekend I decided that I really couldn’t resist buying one since I was going to save a third of the cost.  I’m sort of obsessed with skin and wanted a sonic brush of some sort for a long time.  Now I could have one that would be in keeping with the brand I worked for.


It’s cute. Even if it has given me THE WORST PIMPLE EVER. (I still love it, though.)

I brought my Sonic home, read the book, set it up to charge and left it be.  The next day I used it with my morning cleansing routine (spoiler alert–it’s not all Clinique products) and that same day got a lot more compliments than normal on my skin.  Someone confused me for a college freshman.  I could have hugged them.  I started using the brush twice daily every day for a week.  I am now entering day eight and I think I can talk about the brush a little now.

First, my face is crazy refined.  I don’t have a whole lot of texture issues, but the few I have seem to have disappeared.  My face is very nice and smooth which leads into my second thing: my makeup wears better.  I wear my makeup for a looooong time most days, to the point that I’m giving even long wear makeup a run for its money.  Since I’ve started with the brush my makeup has looked better longer.  This is awesome.  The third thing I’ve noticed is that the little congestion bumps I get around my chin and lips have dramatically reduced in number.  My skin is clearing up in the place that hasn’t been clear since before puberty.  I’m very happy with this.

The only real issue I’ve had is that I apparently have cystic acne on my jaw that I did not know about.  Five days into using the brush I started to notice a sore spot on my jaw that by Friday had erupted into a puffy, swollen, sore, slightly red mass.  I looked online and asked an esthetician friend who said she was sure it was cystic acne and I was pretty lucky that it hadn’t spread.  I noticed another small sore spot on the opposite jaw, but it appears to have been something else as it is gone already.  We’re not sure, but we think the brush may have triggered the cystic pimple.  What is clear is that it’s miserable, though some of the redness has gone down.  These suckers hurt!

On the whole I’m pretty happy with my Sonic.  My skin looks happy (other than my jaw) and by buying one I can now explain the damn things to people with some level of authority.  My skin is definitely cleaner, even if I am now rocking the hunchback of all pimples on my jaw with no end in sight.


Want to try a Sonic? I strongly encourage you to hit up a Clinique counter first so that you can touch and play with the demo brush first.  They’re nice, but they do have a little learning curve.  Hate cleansing brushes or have a tip about how to get rid of the Pimpleback of Nix’s Face?  Leave me a comment.  Seriously.  I want this pimple gone.


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