My name is Nicole and I have a makeup addiction.

MAC is coming out with a Rocky Horror makeup collection. I seriously want all of the lipsticks, which are all shades of read. I’m pretty sure I have a problem.

Since moving now some almost five months ago I have been trying to put the apartment together, a task that is still not totally done (though I have gotten more empty boxes dealt with!  Progress!)  One of the biggest sticking points and hindrances to the well-organized apartment of my dreams has been my makeup collection.  Three short years ago, when I moved from the house I shared with a friend to the townhome I shared with the same friend moving my makeup wasn’t an issue.  It all fit in pretty much one wicker basket and that basket also held my skincare products. When I moved the same items to the new place? I had a scrapbooking cart full of just lipstick and at least three small boxes of makeup.  I didn’t count how many boxes of skincare.  It takes up its own closet at this point.

I easily have over one hundred lipsticks and lipglosses.  I counted at least five foundations.  I refuse to count eyeshadows and blushes. I have a lot of makeup.  Loads.  And I’ve been struggling for the past few days with the desire to go buy some new lipsticks I read about because I can always use a fourth shade of the same color purple, right? Right?!? I am trying to build a solid professional makeup kit. I work part-time for a cosmetics company, but I also freelance in makeup artistry here and there.  It’s something I’m good at and the occasional wedding brings in a little extra which is nice.  I don’t have the steady clientele or gigs, however, to justify purchasing all the eyeshadows and all the lipsticks in every MAC collection that comes out.  They just end up being part of my personal rotation and I don’t put the expense of the products on my taxes because, let’s be honest: those two tubes of Pure Heroine from the Lorde collection? Those are mine.

I logically don’t need any more of ANYTHING for a long, long time. Especially lipsticks.  Most especially RED lipsticks.

…that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to cave in and by all the lipsticks though. My friend J. and I have a “date” to go check out the collection at Nordie’s tomorrow and I’m trying to convince myself to be good. The only problem with that is that when I get there and I swatch the lipsticks on my hand I’m going to have a shut up and take my money moment. It never, ever fails.

I guess it’s good that I look smashing in red, huh?

Yeah.  I have a problem.


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