Can’t win ’em all.

Yesterday was a pretty spectacular day for me, writing-wise. After a year as a staff writer with The Hudsucker I was promoted to editor. I was also added to the writers for Robin Burk’s Fan Girl Confessions. This puts me at writing for three sites, one of which I also am now and editor for (which means I get to help it grow and I am so excited about it!) Couple this with the approaching of NaNoWriMo and you can say that my writing life is booming. It’s amazing and I love it.


I don’t even know.

Then last night I couldn’t sleep to save my life and this morning I woke up after finally crashing out around five to the sound of the maintenance guy for my apartment complex (my apartment sits over the shop) blasting his radio so loud I could feel the floor vibrating. Less than two hours of sleep and I’m shaken awake by heavy metal, followed by the overwhelming smell of cigarettes that he smokes like mad in the shop. I stumble out to the living room and discover that sometime in the almost two hours I was sleeping that the glass part of my patio door has literally fallen off and fallen to the porch. It’s not broken so I don’t have to clean up the glass, but that’s just weird.

Hey Wednesday.

Here’s to hoping that the Royals will beat the Orioles tonight and sweep so we can go to the World Series. And hopefully the St. Louis Cardinals will get their crap together so they can go to. I still demand my Interstate Series.

Ugh. This week.  Seriously.


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