Going home again.

If there is one thing that I can say about the World Series is that it’s thus far been pretty interesting. The Royals lost Game 1, then came back to win Game 2 and Game 3, only to lose Games 4 and 5. I’ve got to admit that after games 3-5 I am pretty much sick of the San Francisco fans. They are rude, they are impolite, and to be fair, I’m kind of over their players, too. Far too many of them look dirty — like they need a shower before the game even starts. I know, I know, that has no bearing on skill and Bumgarner is a damn good pitcher, this is true. But there is a sick smugness about the whole team and translated into the fans that leaves a sour taste in my mouth.


I hate the Giants almost as much as I hate the Cubs. That’s hate, folks.

I’m trying not to mind too much the losses in San Fran, though. I mean, after all it means that the series comes back to Kansas City and our beautiful K so we have an excellent chance to win it at home. And I still believe we will. The Royals are known for their rallies in the sixth and I’m confident that will translate nicely to the sixth game of the World Series.  I’ve been a Royals fan for a long time, those boys in blue being my #2 team right behind my beloved Cardinals and that includes every lean year since 1985. When I first moved to Kansas City eleven years ago I remember seeing a billboard for the Royals that simply said “BELIEVE.” And I have believed even through those disappointment years that we would eventually bring it home and win it all over again.

And we can. And I have every faith that we will because you know what? Even if we lose the series, you can never beat the Royals. We’re always winners. We have a fire in our hearts that never burns out.


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