I was putting away my laundry the other day. An excessively high number of things that I was pulling out of the baskets were pretty badly wrinkled because they had been sitting in that laundry basket for three weeks. I am notoriously bad for putting away my laundry. It’s the chore I hate the most. So I’m putting away my miserably wrinkled laundry, grumbling about the task the entire time, and as I slip each item onto a hanger I realize that if these things sat in a basket for almost a month it meant that they weren’t clothes that I really cared to wear. With my closet already being crammed full and a large number of those items being things I don’t really wear I started to get the feeling that I needed to do something about my wardrobe. I’m honestly swallowed by my garment excess.

I’ve seen mentioned on a couple of blogs that I casually read through (specifically Hey Natalie Jean) about the concept of a capsule wardrobe.  Since I wasn’t sure what that was precisely I started doing a little homework, tracking back to Unfancy where the idea started to become clear and take hold: limit my wardrobe to a set, small number of specifically chosen items. Break it down as detailed as you need to, get creative with your outfit making, and stick to your curated “capsule” for three months.  Everything else is removed from the closet entirely and there is no shopping. This sounded like exactly what I needed. Of course October is very nearly over so my fall capsule will only be two months, but I feel like that might be enough time for me break some bad habits and maybe even thin out my clothing herd.


My fabulous new bag. Yasssss.

This past weekend I bought a huge plastic Sterilite tote to put my excess clothing in. I’ll be storing them in my basement for the next two months to reduce temptation to break into them, though I think I may need to get one more, smaller tote to accommodate my plethora of shoes. I’ve begun working out what items I will have in my capsule and will have that finalized by Wednesday. I even ordered a better, more useful work bag that should arrive by Thursday so that I can even have my purses curated. I’m willing to try this limited, minimal approach to my wardrobe.

Let’s see what happens.


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