On Being Royal

Be Royal

Last nights the Kansas City Royals did not win the 2014 World Series. That title went to the San Francisco. I am not happy about this. I have the usual complaints that most fans have when their team loses. I feel like too many balls were called strikes, I feel like Hosmer was safe at 1st, and I really, really, really am angry at Joe Buck for having an obvious bias towards the Giants and so much of a mancrush on Bumgarner that he couldn’t even call the game. The man spent three hours essentially kissing his ass. I’m a Cardinals fan primarily and Jack Buck was the VOICE of our great team and for me to be angry at his son says a hell of a lot for me. I really hate the Giants right now.

But what I don’t hate? Losing, at least the way the Royals do it. Last night, within moments of having lost out on winning their first Series title in twenty-nine years the team announced that today they’d be having a party at the K to celebrate the great season and thank the fans for their love and support on this wild ride. We lost, but we’re still having a party. We lost, but we had a great time with our season and in Kansas City baseball isn’t about winning or losing (though we love winning, not gonna lie.) In Kansas City baseball is about love of the game.  We’re an under appreciated city on a lot of levels so we do what we do here in all regards not for glory but for ourselves and for the joy of it. It’s nice to be noticed, but even if no one was looking we’d still be doing our thing. Even if the Royals never win another game there will still be passionate players on the field and fans in the seats. We’re good people here.

Last night, within moments of the game ending, I was on Facebook grumbling about the loss. Yep, I said things like “eff the Giants” but that was pretty much it. At the same time, though, I was seeing the posts of Giants fans who happen to be on my list or on the lists of friends. So many of them weren’t about the game. They were things like “enjoy being losers again, Kansas City fans” and “sucks to suck Kansas Citians!” They weren’t comments about the game. They were digs towards the fans.

Really? We didn’t do that. We didn’t mock the Giants fans and we didn’t trash their city. I think that says a lot about sportsmanship. The news this morning told me the same thing, with San Fran fans vandalizing things, setting fires, and even stabbings and shootings. And their team won. Kansas City lost and we’re having a family-friendly party at our stadium. Everyone is welcome.

So yeah. The Kansas City Royals did not win the 2014 World Series last night, but we’re still winners. That’s what being Royal is all about.

See you on opening day, Royals!


And my blog will now get back to regular and non-sports programming tomorrow.


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