Oh hey polar vortex.

When I started this blog we were dealing with a polar vortex. After taking two weeks off from this blog I find myself returning to it whilst dealing with a polar vortex. Interesting.

So yep. I took two weeks away. A lot of things in my life started moving and changing and I needed to devote myself to them fully. The biggest change was that I was made an editor at the website I write for. That’s been all sorts of work and fun and awesome. I also moved offices at my day job which was a pretty herculean task, but I have a nice, happier space to work in and I get to sit by the window. I made a bold move and applied to a different retailer for my makeup-related job so we’ll see how that plays out. Oh, and I chopped like eight and a half inches of hair off. Long hair don’t care but shorter hair has been glorious.


New short hair, awesome necklace and hey I VOTED. Whee!


It’s stylish and fun and so much easier to fix in the mornings, though now that days are quite literally arctic around here I do miss being able to use my hair as extra warmth. I’m wearing my striped beanie knitted for me by a friend in Sweden more now with short hair, though, so there’s that. It’s the warmest thing ever which is probably because it came from Sweden. This is just another reason I love Sweden.

But yeah, two weeks off and now it’s frigid with no warm in sight. At least I’m blogging again.


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