The never-ending saga of Yule Goat.

Today is November 18th. I’ve been in my apartment now for what, six months? That sounds right. I’ve unpacked almost all my boxes (there are still a few behind the couch because I haven’t found a bookcase that fits at the bottom of the stairs) and the carpets definitely need cleaning. This place is home and I like it here.

But Yule Goat is still sitting on the mantle, chillin’ with Santa, the menorah, and some board games. I fail at house.

It got to be too much the other day, though. At long last I had this moment of finally being exhausted by the idea of living like a drunk college student. I put my foot down internally and decided that I was going to attempt to make my home liveable. I also started feeling a little jealous of some friends and coworkers as they talked about all the effort and planning they were putting into their Christmas themes and decorations. I wanted some of that, you know? I felt like it was too early for Christmas, though, and I did have this weird pumpkin I got for something just sitting by my door. Maybe that would work for something. Pumpkins are fall-ish and Thanksgiving is coming up. There’s been a Scentsy warmer called Tom (he’s in the shape of a turkey) in storage for awhile so that might be nice. I also have the Pumpkin warmer. As I took stock something of a plan came together: I was going to decorate for fall.


a little sad-looking but way better than nothing, right?

The real pumpkin joined Tom on the buffet with the tray of wine and such that I keep there flanking it. The Pumpkin warmer ended up by the television. Then I found a lovely glass pumpkin on clearance at Target for a whole $3 and decided to perch that by the living pumpkin. The wall above it was blank, though, and I wasn’t sure what to do with it until I remembered my collection of Spangler dragons. I had previously established a farm/farmhouse/home theme with the only other form of decor I put up in the entry of the apartment so I was relieved that my print of “Old Man and His Books” (I think that’s its name anyway) fit in. I was also pleasantly surprised that I could sort of work in the art print I got when I went to see Interstellar since the print does happen to have a farmhouse on it and that fits my theme. It was also an excuse to go to Ikea for a nice frame. I love excuses to go to Ikea.


i kind of love this picture.

I still have a long way to go. There are dishes and things on top of the china cabinet that don’t belong and the china cabinet itself has some weird stuff in it. There’s a stack of boxes that need to be tossed, and two boxes that I can’t get rid of because the cats have claimed them for their kitty fort. Things look nicer, though, and I’m happy for it. I even picked up some holiday bunting in preparation for Christmas. I’m optimistic about getting my place decorated and festive for the holidays. And who knows, maybe I’ll even manage to put the Yule Goat away this year.


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