Holiday Gift Exchanges

So Christmas is like, what, a few days over a month away? Crap. Not that I don’t like Christmas because I totally do, I just don’t like elements of the season. Like not being able to find gluten-free Christmas cookies that don’t taste like balls, overly crowded shopping mall parking lots, and not knowing wtf to get people as gifts. I can handle the parking lot, I’m hopeful that someone will point me towards a tasty cookie, but the holiday gifting thing drives me bonkers. My family are the hardest people to shop for. The only thing more difficult are the people I get handed for Holiday Gift Exchanges at work. This year? Two jobs are doing it and they are both doing it differently.



i feel you, dude.


My day job is doing a holiday elf theme where we are engaging our inner Elves on the Shelves to participate. Dude, I worked at Borders a few years ago. I hated those damn elves. I still hate those damn elves. They’re creepy, but I do like my coworkers so I’m going to play along. I turned in my “elf profile” and I’m going to have as much fun as I can with a maximum gift amount of $5 per week being set for the adventure. What do you buy for someone at $5 per week? I don’t think that’s enough to even get a tasty venti holiday drink at Starbucks. I’m going to have to get creative about this. And my cosmetics job? We’re doing ours on Sunday. $15 limit unless we’ve talked to our partner and decided otherwise. I’ve got a pretty awesome partner and I’m fortunate that I know her pretty well so I’ve got a few ideas, but it’s still difficult.  How am I going to pull this off?

Google to the rescue? Maybe. I’ve been looking up ideas and while I haven’t found any really good ones I am starting to formulate my own idea of how to do holiday gift exchanges and be awesome at it. Here are my ideas thus far:

1. Food. My office isn’t very large and I feel like this idea works best for that job (with its little mini gift plan.) My office has lots and lots of awesome potlucks. We love food and we’re pretty vocal about what we like. I have on particular treat I bring to most get-togethers that is a universal hit and people ask me to make again other times. It’s one of those things that is super fast to put together and is made up of pantry staples for me so it rings in within the price limit. Food is cheap and awesome.

2.  Treat giftcards. I’ve actually thought about going to the cafe or coffee shop my person likes and buying five dollar gift cards for each week of the giving. Yes, one five dollar card isn’t much, but four? That adds up.

3. Playing cards. Most people like games. There are TONS of games you can play with simple playing cards. So why not buy some playing cards and then print out some rules for a variety of games? Instant fun!

4. Fancy bar of chocolate. This one explains itself.

These are some of my ideas for one of my gift exchanges this year. For the cosmetics one I think I’m going to collaborate with my partner to spend more than our allotment just because I know her pretty well and what I want to give her is $30. I think this year might be pretty decent though, over all.  Let’s see what happens!


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