The best red lipstick ever.

Last Tuesday I watched the debut of Agent Carter on ABC. It was a fantastic show, following up on the story of Peggy Carter after we see her in Captain America. I’m a fan of the character, a fan of Hayley Atwell who portrays her, and the show was so excellent that I’m now a fan of the show. The show was practically perfect in every way and I will, eventually, write about it but the thing that hooked me from second one? The absolutely amazing red lipstick Peggy Carter wears. It’s just so damn perfect. Red, lush, slightly matte, but not overwhelming or dry-looking. I had to have it. I absolutely had to have it and I got lucky: Hayley Atwell had Tweeted the exact color and brand. A quick Google search lead me to their online store and before the show was over for the night I had ordered it.

1946-Red Velvet by Besame Cosmetics

1946-Red Velvet by Besame Cosmetics

Velvet Red by Besame Cosmetics is the most perfect red I have ever owned. And more than that, it isn’t even that it’s a perfect red (which it is) but that it is authentic. Everything Besame does is vintage-inspired, carefully researched, and recreated with modern science. Short of a time machine straight back to the 40s, this is as genuine old school glam as it gets. I love it.

Yes. Just yes.

Yes. Just yes.

Now to break open the piggy bank and get all the other lipsticks…



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