Life, Year of Making it Happen

Going back to Kansas City

With everything that has been going on lately (especially my mother’s health) it’s been a pretty hectic time for me. The other day I noticed that I was worn out and stressed out to the point that I simply couldn’t focus. I wasn’t just worried about things, I was completely worn out. That kind of exhaustion isn’t healthy nor is it happy so in keeping with my commitment to take better care of myself I decided to try to find one moment in every day where I paused to enjoy my surroundings. For the past week I’ve found myself doing that by simply enjoying my city. It isn’t often that I get into Kansas City, MO proper but last week I’ve been there nearly every day. It is such a beautiful city and pausing to enjoy that has really helped make me feel more like myself. Here are some images of my magnificent and beautiful city. Enjoy. (Suggested soundtrack: The New Basement Tapes, Kansas City)

IMG_1639 IMG_1648IMG_1649 IMG_1641IMG_1640IMG_1654


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