Life, Year of Making it Happen


I’ve hit sort of a wall with my life as of late. I think it’s largely the fault of it being winter, but it could be that I’m working like 65+ hours a week on the jobs that cut me a paycheck and then goodness knows how many on jobs that don’t. I’m not wholly sure. I just know that I’ve ran smack into some sort of unmovable object psychologically and instead of handling my crap I’ve been self-medicating by shopping online.

I needed those shoes, yo. And the shirts, the dresses, the jewelry, the makeup, and the tote bag. I’m still debating the cute cross-body, though.

Anyway.  Ahem. I’ve hit that thing and have found myself uttering the phrase of every overwhelmed human ever: there aren’t enough hours in the day. I have never really believed this. The motto my life has been more or less been lived by is “if you organize your time you have more than enough.” It’s gotten me through a frenetic high school experience of doing all the things, my over-scheduled college existence, and kept things going for me even when I was having the crappiest year of my life (I’m looking at you, 2003.) My planner, my list, and me, we can conquer the world. Just not lately. What do you do when the way you’ve always done things no longer works? You make a new system.


files, schedules, plans.

 A few months ago I discovered My Morning Routine and I signed up for their newsletter. Quite a few hours that should have been spent on other things disappeared into reading the posted routines. Some of them were really just not reasonable in my eyes, but some of them caused me to have some serious envy. It was then that I realized that what I really need, the thing that would help me get it together and maybe, just maybe get past that wall would be to start my day with a regulated routine. It would leave me centered, let me have my quality time with my planner and my mis-en-place, then get on with my day having familiarized myself with the map. It’s more reasonable to my life and habits than, say, meal prepping for an entire week (though I do aspire to that.)

So today has started with my new routine. It’s pretty simple: get up early (5am, because I’m crazy,) start the coffee then jump in the shower, take the time to enjoy said coffee while my hair air dries and I plot out my day. I’m going to try to stick with this for a week (especially the 5am wake time) to see what it does for me. Here’s to a new system and, hopefully, getting past that wall!


3 thoughts on “Systems

  1. It’s soooo hard to get up early. It always makes me feel great when I can get stuff done, or especially get in a work out. I just need some motivation- maybe a squirt gun attached to my alarm clock? 🙂

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