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Planet Comicon was this past weekend and I didn’t go. I’m a little sad about it, but in the end it made more sense for me to sit things out this year in favor of addressing other areas of my life. I’ve been going largely nonstop for several weeks and the business trip to Chicago (plus some other professional stress) left me with a lot to do but precious little energy. I needed a few days off. Going to Planet, while supremely fun, wasn’t going to help me get my rest. Or my laundry done. Or my house clean. Ugh. So instead of getting my geek on I decided to get my adult on and let me tell you, I adulted so hard this weekend.


laundry (i did six loads)

The laundry was probably the most difficult and least enjoyable task. I had weeks of laundry piled up, but more than that I had a lot of clean laundry that never got put away when it was washed so I had to re-wash some of it. Doing the laundry, putting things away properly, and cleaning up my bedroom took up the majority of my Friday off. It was unpleasant, but I’m ultimately glad I did it: I was able to organize my clothes, find things I thought I’d lost, and even spot some wardrobe needs that I promptly filled. I even discovered that I’ve lost enough weight to fit in jeans a size smaller than I thought. Win!


baking (i made pancakes, they were awful)

I also had time (while all that laundry was washing) to flip through this fine book that I got for my birthday two years ago. I haven’t taken my gluten issues seriously for some time and I’ve wanted to get back to it. When my mother informed me that she just bought me a large bag of coconut flour I figured that I should start making plans for it. It prompted me to use some existing gluten-free flour mix and almond milk I happened to have to make pancakes. Unfortunately, the pancakes were awful. Sigh.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

cleaning (i cleaned my purse and found a lot of random)

I also decided that since I had made a recent handbag upgrade (that lovely red Marc Jacobs bag mentioned previously) I should try to keep it clean. I spent part of Saturday night with this and more dumped onto my table as I sorted things out. You can note the robot theme. I found both in the handbag clearance at Nordstrom. Both are from Fossil and I’m obsessed.

The weekend was pretty good. Hard work, but pretty good. A spontaneous dinner with friends at Carrabba’s was a nice touch. My car having some sort of fun electrical issue involving the power locks, less fun, but that’s being an adult and I certainly nailed that this weekend.


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