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Style File: Black

My wardrobe is comprised of about thirty percent black garments these days. Just a few years ago it was luck if I happened to have anything more than a black skirt, but working in cosmetics changes that for you. Black is fairly universally the color of makeup artists and for good reason: black looks effortless and chic, but it also hides makeup stains very, very well. Wearing black does have a few downsides though. It shows lint and hair like crazy, and when you have to wear it so frequently in a situation where it can be ruined so easily (and washed so often) you tend to buy for value, not for high quality. Target and Forever 21 are my best friends when it comes to all my black.

But when you wear all black how do you make it different? How do you make it look stylish and put together when you’re essentially swathing yourself in lots of the same? Some days I have no idea, but yesterday I feel like I hit the mark.


bathroom selfie. handle it.

The breakdown: lightweight sweater tunic/mini-dress is from Target’s Ava and Viv line (which I am loving so far.) I have it layered over a seriously old tank top I got at Target about seven years ago and basic black leggings from H&M. I feel like H&M makes the best leggings. They are thicker than most so they hold up well to wash and wear, but they also fit more like pants. I put a black Sag Harbor blazer over it all. I picked the blazer up a couple of seasons ago from the clearance rack at Macy’s. It’s lightweight, collarless, has three-quarter sleeves and pockets. I love the hell out of this blazer. On my feet are a pair of boots I scored at Nordstrom Rack, but I cannot remember the brand. I accessorized with a gold-tone watch with a bright pink face that I found in the clearance at Charming Charlie, and a gold-tone chevron necklace I found in Nordstrom’s BP department. Functional, stylish, and the entire outfit cost maybe $75. That includes the shoes and every item I’m wearing can make several more outfits.

So it’s comfortable, easy, and a good value, but what I love best about this outfit and indeed this whole exploration of personal style is that I feel like I look good in this. I’m comfortable. Plus size women are often encouraged to wear black because it’s “slimming” but just because a color can trick the eye doesn’t mean that it’s always comfortable. This many layers on plus sizes can feel like more bulk, but instead I feel tailored and sharp. This basic black is about more than just basic for me. It’s confident black and confidence is always in style.


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