Life, Year of Making it Happen

Breaking it.

Just in time for my own personal Spring Break (I’m going to my hometown for Easter for the first time in about a thousand years, y’all) I’m starting to feel forward motion with the inspiration that began taking hold of me in Chicago. Since I’ll be out of town for a handful of days I’ve decided that I’m going to work with some of my projects and get things into a nice rhythm. Here are some of the things I’m going to be working on.


excitement t-rex is stoked about spring break, too

1. A novel. Legit, I am writing a novel. I recently read an old friend’s book and it set fire to the material that began piling up in my mind in Chicago. I bought a Moleskine and have been making a list of ideas for the story in it. I’ve also divided the notebook into sections for characters and for outlines. Right now I’m just dumping out thoughts and questions I have. I hope to get a rudimentary outline going over break.

2. An inspiration book. Think like an artist. This is something that was repeated in basic school and I’ve been taking that to heart. I’m purchasing a blank (unlined) Moleskine of some kind with the intention of using it to paste in the visual things that inspire makeup and art ideas in me. The world is full of color and I want to capture it.

3. Gluten free baking. My mom bought me a bunch more coconut flour. I’ve also had some questionable medical stuff. The two things conspire together to make me give more of a damn. I also miss grilled cheese like whoa so there MUST be some magical bread recipe out there so I can have a grilled cheese.  I’m determined to find it.

4. Moar posts. I’m getting some things outlined and figured out. Oh yeah, it’s going to be epic.

Man I love Spring Break.


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