Life, This World We Live In

Praying for Nepal

I had grand plans of writing about watches today, but on Saturday a massive earthquake rocked Nepal. I know, I know: I’m a thirtysomething white girl living a comfortable, somewhat superficial life in Kansas.What the hell does an earthquake in Nepal matter to me? Maybe nothing of substance, but I have always been someone who loves the world. I firmly believe that when we broaden our horizons and go out into the world beyond our front doors we tear down the barriers between us and start to be a real human family. I also have a deep respect for the history and culture of Nepal, Tibet and the general area. I’ve always wanted to see Everest in person.

So today instead of writing about watches I’m taking a moment to think about, pray for, and find small ways to help Nepal. I’ll get to watches later this week or next. I’ll get back to my navel gazing. Right now, though, I pause. And I pray.

CDfdLSMUIAA5379.jpg large


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