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I’m doing a capsule wardrobe if it kills me.

I tried to do a capsule wardrobe last fall and failed miserably. It didn’t work for me, though in retrospect I realize that it was less that it didn’t work for me and more that I didn’t really think about what I was choosing and why. I more or less just plucked random things I liked out of my closet and called it good. I also ended up buying more clothes when part of the point was to not do that. I’m good at missing the point sometimes.

But I’ve been thinking about trying it again a lot lately. I’ve been reading Unfancy over and over (even though she’s on hiatus now) and Just Jaq and a few other blogs and I just keep thinking how nice it would be to open my closet, not be attacked by clothes, and to be able to find thing simply. I finally decided to jump again the other night and decided to evaluate my life, my clothing needs, and then start matching clothes to those elements. I gave myself a few parameters.

1. The target number of items I want for is 45, but I can go up to 60 to include the “basic black” items I wear at Bobbi Brown.

2. The number needs to include shoes and bags, but doesn’t have to include other accessories.

3. I will still need to pare down accessories, including scarves.

4. Due to the large number of pajamas and “comfy pants” I own I will also limit those items to 4 outfits.

5. If I don’t love it, it can’t be in the capsule. Like is not enough.

I started last night with a closet that looked like this:

sadly, this isn't even all of it.

sadly, this isn’t even all of it.

And then after about half an hour it looked like this:

tons of space! and hangers.

tons of space! and hangers.

I have five trash bags of clothes that will be transferred into a plastic bin and stored away until August when I will evaluate things and decide what to do next. I feel like there is going to be a garage sale in my living room because I suspect many of the clothes just won’t make the cut. I’m also hoping to have lost some weight by then as well so there’s that. I do still have a few things that I want to buy, but I’ve made some very specific decisions about those things (a couple of t-shirts, a blazer, a clutch, a pair of shoes) and will be taking my time to get those things.  I’m hoping to find a couple of them in Las Vegas next week while I’m gone.

I’m still working on the shoes, the bags, and the storage solutions for the accessories. I’m the queen of statement necklaces so this could be interesting, but even having just gotten this far I feel amazing. I feel like a burden has been lifted. I’m excited to see where this goes and this time I won’t quit.


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