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I fell off the face of the blog again. I went to Las Vegas again two weeks ago and while I had written and set up a blog post while I was waiting at McCarran International Airport trying not to break down in tears from exhaustion (two-hour flight delays after you’ve already been up for 27 hours straight tend to do that, especially if you haven’t eaten dinner) something went funky with the mobile interface for WordPress and nothing posted. Damn. It was a great trip and I had a lot of fun. We ended up at the top of the Bellagio at sunset and the view was incredible. I also went shopping at Tom Ford. That was more than a little outside of the normal budget, but oh was it worth it. I work super hard and my bills are paid. I deserved it.

But anyway. I’m back home and now that the weather is warm and I’m getting closer to summer holidays (which means parties) I want to get my house in order.  I’m also more than a little annoyed with the avalanche of makeup and skincare that falls out of my linen closet every time I open it. This is the downside to being a makeup artist. But, one of the reasons I moved into this apartment was because of the generously sized second bedroom. It is perfect for an office/makeup studio (and purse storage, too.)  I had really high hopes for the room. Unfortunately some of my lack of planning kicked in and the room has turned into a catchall.

and this is after about half an hour of work

and this is after about half an hour of work

This won’t do. It hasn’t done for a few months, and for awhile I had sketched up an idea for how I wanted to divide things out. Those things haven’t happened. A mega trip to Ikea just isn’t in my budget or my plan right now. What is in my plan, though, is a simple rethinking of the space. So this weekend that is what I did. I spent most of my Saturday night in the room trying to get to the surface of my 150 year-old desk. I only spent an hour in the room, having realized very quickly that the key to me actually getting the room to look the way I want it to is to do it in very small increments of time so I don’t get overwhelmed. In that hour I managed to get to the desk surface and have it look mostly nice. I’ve decided that the desk will have divided use: makeup storage on one side and general office stuff on the other. I do have another desk that I can use for general office things in the apartment (I created a “den” in the living room since it’s so huge) but a few of the projects I’m involved with require a lot of paper and supplies that I need to be able to keep away from the kitties.

I’ve also decided that I am going to purge my handbags since the room is overrun with them. The new rule, thanks to my capsule wardrobe, is that if I don’t love it it has to go. Three bags have already been chosen to leave, though I’m debating exactly what to do with them. List them on eBay? Facebook/blog/Instagram garage sale? I’ll figure it out. But the point is that I’m clearing things out. Having too many things and being quite disorderly about it is the part of my life that I don’t often show and while I talk about embracing imperfection (this blog is rocking the imperfect life, after all) it’s not what I present. So now you see what things really look like in my world. It’ll be fun to show you how it ends up looking.


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