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Slobville revisited

It was a very uneven Memorial Day weekend at my house. What should have been a weekend made up of a mixture of work and a relaxing day off ended up being a mini rollercoaster ride of urgent care, botched attempts at work, a late night trip to the emergency room, and another doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. I’m pretty glad it’s Wednesday and, theoretically, more normal (now that I’m armed with antibiotics and steroids.) At least the yearly emergency room trip has been checked off the list.

The weekend wasn’t entirely unproductive, though. There were bursts of time in between horrendous coughing fits where I was able to be productive. I went out to lunch, did some shopping (and bought a fantastic new dress, more on that in a later post,) but the big thing that I was able to do was address that junk hole of a spare room. From start to finish it took probably eight hours, though the length of time may have been increased due to what I now know was a case of bronchitis. I threw out six bags of actual trash, filled three bags of things that I need to take to charity this week, and put together a box of handbags that did not make the love it or ditch it cut. I also found a lot of things that I thought I had lost entirely. I unearthed four pairs of sunglasses, a ton of photos, my favorite water bottle, and my missing Macbook Pro.

Yes, I misplaced an entire laptop in that mess of a room. I have special skills.


So this is where we started.


And this is where we ended up. Henry the cat is loving the hell out of this newly clean space. Too bad for him that I don’t actually allow the cats in the room (keeps the hair to a minimum, especially as I store my purses in here.)


Speaking of my purses…I have them neatly lined up in their protective dust bags on the shelf in this closet. The dust bags are essential to keeping them clean, safe, and organized but more than that they protect the various shades of leather from transferring on one another all lined up like that. Below them I have plastic bins with extra skin care and makeup, wallets, clutches, cosmetics bags, and of course my shoes and sunglasses lined up. I also have a lot of tote bags.


I also finally got around to hanging up some artwork and things in the room. The pop-art piece is from Ikea (and it was under $10!) while the note holder below it came in a big set of frames I bought after Christmas two years ago. I’ve still got a few more things to hang up to complete the wall, but the big win here is I now have a useable desk surface and I found that laptop.


This is probably my favorite corner of the room. I’m happy to have finally gotten the white board up (it came out of the cafe back room at the Borders where I used to work.) I also love this space because it has some of my favorite photos and my beloved Underwood Leader typewriter. It’s just a happy place for me and lets me house my strange juxtaposition of ephemera from England and Seattle.

There are still a few things that I want to do. I want to get my curtains up and clear out the donations and purses that I’m selling still. I also want to get some new pillows and a throw blanket for the loveseat, though I’ve been considering maybe getting a slipcover or making something fun for it. The bottom line though is that the room is no longer a mess and it is back to being a working, functioning room. I feel damn good about it.

Now to fix the rest of the house…


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