Exploring OP

On Saturday I had a rare day off. I wasn’t working at my day job. I wasn’t working at my makeup job. I was on-call for my day job and needed to stay close to home (which sort of messed with something I wanted to do) but in general I had no where that I absolutely had to be for the early portion of the day. It was incredible. The weather was even pretty great, despite being overcast. It isn’t often that we get cool wear-a-jacket temperatures a coupe of days shy of June in Kansas. It was a perfect day to explore home.

Overland Park, Kansas is a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri. We’re situated in Johnson County, which around here conjures up images of prosperous white people driving SUVs and sipping lattes (doing so while on the way to buy yoga pants at Lululemon is more a Leawood thing, more on that another time.) It’s not an entirely inaccurate image, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Overland Park is just a neat community, a mix of lots of different kinds of people, all of whom seem interested in both the functioning of the community from a physical standpoint and from a people standpoint. It’s a small-ish town feel with all the amenities of a bigger place. I always thought I’d end up in Seattle. It was the goal and the idea of being stuck in Kansas bordered on a nightmare to me. I’ve been here for more than a decade now, though, and I’m more than a little in love with Overland Park.

I started my day with coffee at Black Dog Coffeehouse with some delicious toast from neighboring Ibis Bakery. Technically Black Dog and Ibis are in Lenexa, but close enough as far as I am concerned. I’m very much a Starbucks girl, but the lattes at Black Dog have changed that for me. And this toast? I buy a loaf of the bread every week because it is so, so, so good (gluten issues be damned.) I meant to take a photo. I was clearly distracted drinking that amazing latte. Oops.


After breakfast it was time to hit up the Overland Park Farmer’s Market. This place deserves its own post. It’s big, but not overwhelmingly so, and has a good variety of delicious things from all over the area. I picked up kale, bok choy, and a big bag of turnips for less than $5. I also got to check out some new products from the best dairy ever, Shatto.


Oh and they also have a kombucha stall. Hooked myself up with some turmeric lime kombucha that is probably my new favorite thing and I am kicking myself for not having bought a huge container. I’m also tempted to start making my own. We’ll see.


I also did some fun walking around just enjoying the weather, checking in on some of the various restaurants near the market. I feel like I may have a new home for taco night.

It was such a great Saturday. I can’t wait to do it all again soon.


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