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One month in a capsule.

As of Monday I have been doing my capsule wardrobe for a month. I don’t presently have an exact count of what is in the wardrobe, but it’s right around the sixty pieces I said would be my max. So far it’s been a pretty interesting experience and I’m learning quite a bit. Here are some of my observations one month in.

1. I haven’t yet resolved the “I have nothing to wear” issue that I went into this trying to fix. Before I pared down I was often overwhelmed with the number of clothing choices I had so I endlessly had the feeling of not having anything. I really thought that paring down would solve this because it would force me into simple choice, but the reality is that it has only made it harder for me to put things together. I think I massive part of that is because I haven’t yet started organizing my choices into looks. I have sixty-ish pieces just sort of stashed in the closet without any real plan.

2. I didn’t edit well. There was one frantic moment about two weeks ago where I needed a very specific clothing item, but realized that I had put it into storage. I had to dig it out at the last minute, something that could have been avoided if I had really thought about my clothing needs. I also discovered a couple of days ago that I only put one pair of jeans in my edit and I really, really need more than one pair of jeans.

3. I really do need to keep certain items of my “work” wardrobe out of the count. I wear a lot of black because I work in cosmetics. Some of my black items are things that I can incorporate into my regular wear, but the majority of black items are work only. It’s a separate uniform that I really need to remove and make its own mini-capsule simply because it will make my life easier.

4. Capsule wardrobe efforts really have cut down on my clothing shopping. Since starting the challenge I’ve almost entirely eliminated impulse clothing buys. In fact the only impulse buy I’ve had was at Forever 21 during their buy one item on sale and get the second free sale. I ended up getting a peach lace dress and a sweater that coordinated with it and spent a total of $20. It wasn’t something that was on the plan and I did feel a little guilty after buying it, but a $20 impulse purchase is way, way better than what I’ve done in the past.

5. It’s really nice being able to shop with a plan. I’ve added a t-shirt, a cardigan, two dresses (one for work) and a pair of shoes. These were planned purchases. I went to the mall with what I wanted in mind and I actually passed up things that I might have impulsed purchased had I not had a plan. It was pretty awesome.

6. I really have to do laundry on a schedule. The biggest challenge of having a small wardrobe is that if I skip laundry day things get weird fast. I’m definitely sticking to my laundry schedule from now on!

It’s been good so far. I’m excited to see what I figure out this month. I’ve already gotten a little bit of a challenge. A friend gave me a pair of hot pink Chuck Taylors a few weeks ago. These were definitely not in the plan and I didn’t have anything set up for them in my capsule, but they are hot pink Chuck Taylors. They were a life need and a great gift. So the challenge for the month? Make these sneaks work in my tiny wardrobe. Game on!

these shoes are love

these shoes are love


2 thoughts on “One month in a capsule.

  1. One thing that really helped me was finding the colors that would feature in that season’s capsule. In the Fall I knew right away it was going to be heavy on the navy and burgundy. Those colors jumped right out at me and it was easy to pare down keeping them in mind and how the items I was deciding whether or not to keep fit into the scheme. Winter was a bit harder for me to decide on but I welcomed a lot of black back into my closet. Spring/Summer is heavy on blues and pinks. And the pink came as quite a surprise to me! If you have a patterned piece that is multi-colored you really love, pick 3 colors from that piece (or 3 colors that match it) and base the rest of your decisions off of that. Another helpful way to decide is pick the item that you know you’d wear the most, lay it on the floor, and start photographing a bunch of pairings. As you do that you’ll realize that top also goes with that bottom and so forth. At least you’ll have multiple ways to wear that one item.

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