Time for myself

I spent the majority of last week preparing for my brother and his girlfriend to visit me. I see them at least once a year when I go home for Christmas, but it’s been four years since they came to visit me in Kansas. The span in time from the previous visit to the present was enough to make this a special occasion requiring some significant cleaning and organizing of my apartment (which required me to finish up my decorating at long last.) I got all sorts of things done and tidy, and I had to admit that it felt great.

A lot of things felt great with my brother’s visit. First and foremost, just seeing my brother was pretty much the best thing in the world. I love my brother. He’s three years younger than I am, but we have always been pretty close. We share a sense of humor and a sense of wanting to explore things. That’s part of the reason for his visit: he stopped by to see me as the first stop of his vacation to Yellowstone, a trip that will fullfill our mutual childhood desire to see Mt. Rushmore along the way. Getting to host my brother and his girlfriend in my apartment felt pretty great, too. The last time they were here I was living in much different circumstances. I was sharing a narrow townhome with a friend, living in a basement (albeit a very nice one,) and had just gotten back to working full time after nine months of unemployment hell. I was in all sorts of limbo with my life. Now I’m much happier, much more stable, and my apartment is awesome. Getting to share my home at a time where I feel like I’m near my best felt good. Sitting around the dinner table eating take out barbecue was one of the best things in the entire world.

But it wasn’t a weekend entirely of hanging out with my brother and running around cleaning up. This weekend the clouds finally began to part and we had our first rain-free days in a long, long time. The cool breezes finally opened up and remembered that we’re nearing summer. The sun bore down bright and hot and it just felt like things were clicking into place. So I did a little shopping and I got my hair freshly cut and highlighted. I slept in a little on Sunday and I decided to just enjoy the moment and take a little time for myself. Today I’m back at my normal grind and while my brother will be back on Saturday for a little more visiting it won’t be quite the adventure it was go around. Life will be back to normal, but that made an afternoon strolling around Leawood just enjoying the sun all the better.  My batteries are recharged and life is good.

Roasterie iced latte is heaven on a hot day.

Roasterie iced latte is heaven on a hot day.


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