(sheet) masks we wear

I have recently become mildly obsessed with sheet masks.

I have known about and heard good things about them for awhile. After all, they have been popular in Asia since forever. I just haven’t really paid much attention to them. This is a little weird seeing as how one of my all-time favorite skincare related things is a good mask in general. I’ve always had something of a love for facial masks. When I was a teenager it was those weird gel masks that you could peel off when they dried. Later it turned into a love of clay masks (to this day I love the Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask with clay and use it almost weekly.) Sheet masks, though, just seemed weird. Slimy, even. I hate slimy.

But, as with most of what is ultimately good for me the universe has a way of making me come into contact with things. I ended up with a White Lucent mask from Shiseido (I think it came in a gift with purchase, but I don’t recall for certain.) Then, I got a When Travel sheet mask in one of my subscription boxes. This one was particularly well-played by the universe since I travel so much. The icing on the cake came when, during a recent trip to Sephora, I discovered that Sephora has house brand sheet masks with coordinating eye masks and, more than that, they also have When, Boscia, Dr. Jart, and Tony Moly masks available. And they were cheap (all under $10.)  And I have been getting low on my Clear Improvement.


I bought the Sephora branded brightening eye mask and the Tony Moly moisturizing mask. My intention was to come home and use them both, but then I remembered the White Lucent mask so I decided on a brightening theme. I put the eye mask on first, not expecting anything more than to be wholly freaked out by the slime. Instead? Fifteen minutes later my eyes were no longer puffy or discolored underneath. They were bright and smooth and I looked epic. And my skin felt pretty good, too. I put on the White Lucent mask and lay down to relax while it worked. Half an hour later I felt totally zen and my face looked incredible. My skin looked so good even the next day that I found myself hooked.

masks, masks, masks

masks, masks, masks

So hooked I went back to Sephora and bought more, adding more eye masks to my pile and picking up the When Restore mask (because I feel like my face needs lots of love.) I think sheet masks are going to end up being a big part of my regular routine and I’ve figured out some reasons why.

1. Cleanup after using a sheet mask is super simple. One of my only real complaints with traditional masks is that I have to wash my face after to get all the mask off. Sometimes that feels like I’m stripping my skin too much and I don’t really like that. Being able to just pull the mask’s sheet off my face and toss it is pretty great.

2. The masks contain powerful serums that I can just massage into my skin. The good stuff that the mask is giving my skin can be massaged right on in after the sheet comes off so it’s not just a mask; it’s a treatment serum. My skin is getting lots of good things and that makes me very happy.

3. They’re cheap enough that I can get multiple kinds of masks for the cost of one tube of a traditional mask. I like variety. A lot. So does the myriad of issues my skin experiences.

4. Storage of a flat sheet mask is far, far, easier than multiple tubes of products. This one is pretty much a no-brainer. My bathroom has limited storage so flat packs are a blessing.

Yeah, I think the sheet mask and I are bff now.  In fact, I need to go put one on right now!


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