House and Home

hoping for some magic.

I want an organized, streamlined house. I specifically want an organized, streamlined, and minimalist wardrobe because let’s face it, I’m a little lazy and a lot sloppy despite being a pretty organized person. My mornings are rushed madness because I don’t adult properly. I struggle to put away my laundry. I have far, far too many clothes. I’ve tried the capsule wardrobe method and I like it, but I can’t seem to get it to stick. I can’t seem to get any organization plan to stick.

So I got all conformist and picked up a copy of the wildly popular the life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo. She’s apparently this tiny, adorable Japanese woman who is an organizing and tidying guru of epic proportion. I read the book during a long wait to be seen in the emergency room (long story) and came away twitching to try. The nutshell of the book is that in order to have an orderly life and home you have to clear clutter. Once you clear it out and if you do it right you will never relapse into sloppiness. The doing it right part is the trick. Kondo outlines her seemingly fool-proof plan and it looks really labor intensive (she literally wants you to take every scrap of clothing in your home, toss it onto the floor, then pick up each item and ask it if it brings you joy. I will never leave my house again and they will find my corpse among my clothes because it will take me that long.) I’m a little scared, but I’m going to try it. I have big plans for Labor Day, y’all.

But. Labor Day is still a few weeks out and I am still failing at adult so I need something to get me from here until there. I need to feel productive. One part of the plan Kondo proposes is that you should empty your purse out every single night when you come home so it can “rest”. As crazy as it sounds it also sounds like something I can actually do, so for the last week I have been emptying my purse (and my big work bag, and my clutch that I take to my second job) every time I come home. I repurposed my nifty wooden inbox as a designated place for my bag contents and have diligently emptied things out before hanging my bags neatly nearby.

surprisingly tidy

surprisingly tidy

Guess who hasn’t misplaced her keys in a week? Who has managed to get to work with her ID and her planner every day? Guess who has actually mailed the letter that has been in her purse for a month? I am suddenly like a tenth less scattered and it’s incredible. The only change I’ve made is having a designated place for my bag contents and emptying the bag every night. That’s it, yet I feel so much better. I even managed to save enough time (because I didn’t have to rummage for keys) that I was able to make a snack for myself to take to work. This ended up saving me like ten bucks on stupid impulse food. This stuff might actually be magic.

So Labor Day? I’m hitting the clothes. Every article of clothing. It’s happening. And I’m excited.


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