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what i got at target thursday.

I have a Target problem. I go about once a week (usually for normal things like groceries,) but even with a list I end up coming home with either things I didn’t intend to buy or a whole lot of project ideas in my head. This week it was a combination of the two, but at least I can feel positive about what I got at Target this week because the impulse buys are at least useful.

This week I got some transitional fall pieces. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, either. I woke up yesterday morning not only feeling like hot buttered garbage (hey sinus infection, hey) but to a chill in the air. That chill was still there when I ventured out to the doctor later that day for a combination deal of antibiotics and some KT tape for my busted knee (that’s a long story I’ll share another time.) Since getting meds meant going to Target and that meant a little bit of a wait, I killed some time in the clothing section. And came home with these two beauties.

both tops by Ava & Viv and under $50 for both. i win at life.

both tops by Ava & Viv and under $50 for both. i win at life.

Orange is my favorite color. Flannel is my favorite texture. Plaid is my favorite print. This shirt is all three and I am in button down fall shirt heaven. It’s very lightweight and very polished looking and I am going to wear the crap out of this bad boy with a skirt, my suede booties, and a denim jacket. Swoon. I snapped this up as it was the last one of this color in my size and I was not going to settle for the green version. Nope.

The pullover actually made me dance with glee, though. You see, I spotted this (or an eerily similar shirt) back in the spring, but they didn’t have my size at all. I was super bummed out because this just looks like the perfect weekend or casual day at the office shirt. It’s boxy, but soft, it has stripes (second favorite print/pattern) and it’s lightweight enough that it will keep me comfortable on cool mornings but not drive me nuts when the day warms up. Skinny jeans and a bold, blue-toned necklace are going to make this thing look amazing. I haven’t decided on the shoes. I’ll get there.

I also got a cheap full length mirror since this is the first house I’ve lived in that didn’t have one. Now I can take outfit photos and make sure I don’t look like captain crazy before I walk out the door. And, of course, I got my meds and my KT tape for the aforementioned busted knee.  And some coffee creamer. Target is a wonderland. And a problem. I love Target.


5 thoughts on “what i got at target thursday.

  1. I don’t have a target (in the UK) but I am pretty positive I would be the same way! These two items look perfect I really don’t think you can go wrong with plaid and stripes ever!

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