House and Home

the long process of making home

I’ve been working on cleaning, sorting, organizing, and decorating my apartment since moving in last June. Yes, for over a year I’ve been trying to make this place look less like a college student pretending to be an adult lives here and more like the educated professional I am. The living room has come together beautifully. The little home office is looking pretty good. The kitchen and dining room are works in progress. The bedroom, though, has always been something of a challenge because I have never really had an idea of what I wanted to do. Not really being great at picking up things in there has also contributed.

This summer, though, I have been diligently working on things. I got the necklaces organized (sort of) and placed on the wall. The art work (various, vintage images of sea monsters and some Namor/Namora comic book images) has been framed and hung. I even found some random nautical things to put on the dresser. It was looking okay, but something was still missing. I there was a little bit of blank space that just threw the whole thing off. I solved that this week. I found some nice pallet wood art on clearance (three pieces that read “begin anywhere,” “press on,” and “don’t stop”) and had nautical wall hooks that I hadn’t really done anything with. I decided to put them up. Ten minutes in I realized that I had created a new favorite space.


I love this space. It’s peaceful and pretty, but also calls to my organizational sense. I can hang clothing on the hooks to be prepared for the day and I have my necklaces right there so I can make good pairings. On the floor I have a big, handmade basket where I can place items that need mending or dry cleaning once I change out of them, and there is a tidy spot for my shoes of choice as well. And the “begin anywhere” sign is right there where I have to see it when I leave the room. It’s a good reminder as I leave the cozy comfort of my bedroom to face the challenges of the day.

My home is still a work in progress, but I think it’s coming along really nicely.


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