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the game plan for fall.

Welcome to the most boring post on my blog ever.

Today’s post is about my plans and timelines as we round into fall. I’m one of those people with some fairly rigid and specific timelines and order for things. No one should really expect anything less from me considering that I have a fragrance rotation schedule and I draw illustrated grocery lists. I really like order and frameworks and for me the fall season really calls for one. I have a series of plans that I work through to get myself ready and it’s entirely unique to fall. I don’t do this for any other season. So, here is my fall transition plan.


During the month of September I’m going to be doing the whole KonMari method of de-cluttering. My target is the whole house, but I really am focused on two areas: clothing and makeup. I need to get rid of a ton of clothes and things so that I can focus on what really works for me and what is going to both fit my personal style and the cooler weather. I’m going to be rebuilding my capsule wardrobe during this time as well. And as for the makeup purge? It’s just time. I’ve collected a lot and I want to start clean.

I’m also going to start bringing out my cold-weather skincare items out and getting them ready to introduce into the rotation. I’ll write more about my skincare routine in a later post.

The last major thing I will do in September is go through the bedding and make sure the warmer blankets are clean and in good repair.


In October I’ll shop for the pieces I determine I’m lacking when I go through things in September. I will also officially put away all “summer” shoes and swap into my fall shoes (I’m dying to wear a pair of booties I got.) I will also bring out my “fall” lipstick colors and make them a regular thing.

October is when I switch out my purses as well. My Longchamp Le Pliage will go into storage and I will break out my Chloe saddle bag dupe (it’s a gorgeous navy blue,) my gray Michael Kors bag, and my big red Marc Jacobs that served me so well this past winter.

I will take my winter coats out and check them over one more time. October in Kansas can be unpredictable. One needs to be ready.

So there’s my fall preparation plan. Not super entertaining, but I know I’m getting excited.

Do you have any transition plans for fall? I’d love to hear how you prepare!


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