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Being that today is the last day of August I felt like it was okay to go ahead and switch into my pre-fall bag. My coral Longchamp Le Pliage will get a nice cleaning and get tucked away until spring and my red Marc Jacobs bag of happiness will get pulled forward and start getting aired out from being in storage. Right now though is time for my blue baby. I have been waiting months to carry this bag.

DailyLook Classic Vegan Saddle Bag found here. LOVE.

DailyLook Classic Vegan Saddle Bag found here. LOVE.

No, it’s not a Chloe Marcie. It’s a very good semi-dupe, though. I’m not usually one to buy dupes or fake bags. I’m a fan of working hard, saving my money, and getting the thing I really want instead of buying something just to satisfy a craving and ultimately ending up unhappy. I’ve wanted a Marcie for awhile, but those bags are pricey. Even hard work and saving up seems pretty frivolous when a bag costs more than your rent. So when I saw this bag online I did a double take. Similar shape, similar styling, a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the cost since I hit it on clearance and had a discount code. I figured even if the bag looked terrible in person it was so cheap I could get some fun out of it before moving it on. When it arrived I was shocked at how nice it is.

It’s not real leather, but it looks very nice and has a nice hand-feel. It’s a little smaller on the inside than the real Marcie and the lining of the bag is definitely inexpensive, plus there are some details on the bag that the Marcie doesn’t have (namely the cheap-looking zipper pocket on the back) but it has the right vibe. And I love this navy color with the gold toned findings. I love navy and gold almost as much as I like navy and mint.

I am so happy with this bag. I’ll report back with how well she works for my lifestyle, but I think this one is going to be a winner.


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