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save me, san francisco

This week I am exploring various thoughts and plans on travel for 2016. Each post this week will touch on a destination. I welcome suggestions for things to see or even destinations!

When I went to Las Vegas last year it changed something in me. I’ve traveled solo quite a bit in my life, but usually to familiar places where there are friends or family waiting to sweep me up and welcome me back. It’s a pretty wonderful way to escape, but it always lacks a little something. Las Vegas last year wasn’t exactly uncharted territory, but having a few hours alone to wander without a guide was pretty amazing. It made me crave more. It made me start thinking about California.


It’s been a long time since I’ve been to California in general and even longer since I was in my favorite part of California: San Francisco. I still remember the general layout of the city (The Mission and Lower Haight most specifically as that’s where I spent most of my time.) If I close my eyes I can still orient myself around Capp Street, though undoubtedly the buildings have changed with time. I’m also fairly certain that most of the people I knew there have moved on and those who have not are probably not people I would want to reconnect with. Going to San Francisco would both be a form of homecoming and at the same time a brand new adventure. You can’t go back again, but you sort of can.

San Francisco is one of my major planned adventures next year. I’ve decided that I want to revisit my old haunts, but also check out some new (to me) things as well. Here is a current listing of some of the things I want to explore in the City by the Bay:

Taqueria La Cumbre I can’t go to San Francisco without getting a Mission burrito and while there are a plethora of places where one can get one I have to stick with the place where it is credited to have all began. The food there is very tasty and I will, as always, have a hard time choosing, but right now I’m pretty sure I’m going to get myself a deluxe burrito.

Foreign Cinema If I am going to brunch in San Francisco, this is where I will brunch. It’s a place that opened up after I left and is vastly different from anything I would have been interested in back then. A definite hallmark that I’ve grown up!

826 Valencia Pirate supply store. Enough said.

The Red Victorian This beautiful building dominates many of my memories of San Francisco. I’m strongly considering staying here when I visit just to say I did and because of its proximity to Golden Gate Park.

Palace of Fine Arts It’s just so stunning. A slow afternoon wandering here just sounds like heaven.

Got any suggestions for what I should do on my adventure? Let me know in comments.


3 thoughts on “save me, san francisco

  1. If you haven’t done Alcatraz, it’s pretty dern cool. I also liked the Japanese Tea Garden. I only did very touristy things on my one short trip there in college. For the more recent concert trip, you MUST go to the Wreck Room and see if Scottie is still working there. Play the basketball shooting game for us. And Fillmore Street Cafe is SO GOOD. Get a hot sandwich and a coffee … and drink mimosas if you want to be like me and Josh πŸ˜‰

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