Life, Year of Making it Happen

forever royal

I interrupt this travel-themed week with baseball. It is October, after all. Baseball month.


So last year this time me and everyone else in Kansas City lost their damn minds because for the first time in literally a generation the Kansas City Royals made it to the post-season. And then we made it to the World Series. And then we lost to the Giants (I hate the damn Giants still to this day.) Despite our ultimate defeat it was a crazy and wonderful season and the countless years of absolute faith in our boys in blue was rewarded. We also had a whole new hope for the next season. Can you imagine it? A city who loves their team in the bad decades goes absolutely nuts in the good ones. It’s easy when your hometown team is the nicest team in the sport, even when we’re the worst playing.

But this hasn’t been a year of worst anything. This season has been amazing with our boys absolutely on fire. Even me, a born and bred St. Louis Cardinals fan, found myself tuning into the Royals more than the Redbirds. And then the Royals won the pennant, earning them a showdown with the Houston Astros for a chance to head to the league showdown. Five games, multiple near heart attacks. Every time I thought the boys were out they managed to come right on back, either in that game or the next. And last night? Some of the most incredible baseball I’ve ever seen. Royals beat the Houston Astros 7-2. We advance to play the Toronto Blue Jays on Friday in a rematch that is thirty years in the waiting. I’m exhausted today because of all the screaming my head off for my team, but it was so worth it. I love the Royals. I love this city.

Good luck tomorrow, Royals! TAKE THE CROWN!


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