i’ll always love you, new york

Oh New  York. We’ve been doing this dance for years with friends trying to lure me back towards the East Coast even though it knows I’m team Left Coast. But friends have worn me down. So has the lure of the big big city, incredible food, and the idea of having my own Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment. You win, Big Apple. I’ll be seeing you in 2016.

this has been in my living room like a down payment on a dream for a long time.

this has been in my living room like a down payment on a dream for a long time.

Some of my plans are obvious. I have to spend some quality time with my bro, Terry. He’s been the most vocal about getting me out there over the years so I’m excited to actually show up. The others are newer plans with newer friends. I only got to know R. this summer, but it feels like I’ve known her my whole life and I count her among the top of my friends. I’m so excited to get to run wild in the city with her. Maybe we’ll even get lucky and our boys Third Eye Blind will be playing when I venture out.

So what are some things I want to do while in the Big Apple? Here’s my current list.

Four & Twenty Blackbirds Um. Pie. Amazing pie. ALL KINDS OF PIE. I’m a Southern girl by heritage and a massive part of being Southern is pie. This place has amazing pie, so I have heard, and they have an incredible menu that changes by the season. This is an absolute must-do while in NYC and if I don’t get to eat so much pie I get sick I won’t consider the trip a success.  PIE.

Shake Shack Because I love cheeseburgers. And hype. And I feel like I need to do this, nevermind that I can do this in Las Vegas. I need to hit up the NYC location and be annoying and Instagram the shit out of it.

CW Pencil Enterprise I’m a writer and an artist. I love pencils. I love them more than pens and the idea of a store devoted to pencils? Yes. Please. Sign me up. Buy me all the pencils. Blackwing here I come.

Ellis Island This is probably one of the most important places for me to go in New York. Family lore talks about how my family crossed into the United States here (after generations of back and forth between Germany and the US) and I want to go there, to stand where all the promise and all the hope and uncertainty came together for those before me in my own private show of gratitude for getting to be American because of the choices those before me.

National September 11 Memorial This is probably the most important visit for me. Like so many people, I lost friends in the Towers that day in September. I don’t feel like my grieving will be full and complete until I am able to go and say goodbye.

What else should I do in NYC? Leave me your best tips and suggestions in comments (and remember, I love food and coffee.  HOOK ME UP.)


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