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I’m back from my trip to my parents’ house. It was a good trip. My parents recently celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary so my brother and I threw them a small party with friends and family. It was really nice to see some people I haven’t seen in a long time and it was lovely to celebrate my parents.

One of the good things about my visits to my parents’ house is that I am somewhat forced into some downtime. My parents live in a small town in rural Missouri. The nearest mall is about forty-five minutes away, there is no movie theater to speak of, no Starbucks, and while the town square is quaint and there are a few restaurants, there really isn’t much to do. (Trust me, this was the bane of my existence as a teen growing up there.) When I was a kid I could solve this lack of things to do by going out into the woods or running around in the various fields, but that kind of adventure is much less accessible to an adult. I did get plenty of fresh air, but I also got to sit back and just relax. For me, that relaxation looked like watching a lot of HGTV.

I’m a huge fan of Fixer Upper. My personal style tends to run a little more towards modern, but I absolutely adore Joanna Gaines. I follow her on Insta and have more than a few things from Magnolia Market on my wish list. While relaxing in the giant recliner in my parents’ bonus/spare room/den I got to catch a marathon of the show. Of course this inspired me in a very big way. I’ve been working on the decor of my own home and I’ve been working on honing my own design and style. I kind of have this crazy dream of someday (sooner rather than later maybe) being a decorator or a decor consultant. One of the big things I’ve been working on is staging my home and looking at the details. I take a lot of inspiration from Joanna Gaines and how she uses a lot of antiques and found things to pull a room together so when the opportunity presented itself to seek out some antiques and found things, I took it.

Yep. I raided my mom’s stash of random furniture as found in my brother’s garage. I found what I think is the perfect coffee table for my living room.


It’s likely late 60s and inexpensive, but it’s real wood and has a lovely glass top. It needs a little bit of love in the way of glue to make it a bit more stable and I definitely need to clean it up a tiny bit better, but it is a perfect piece for my living room. I think I’ve said this before that my general style in my living room is Pintrest threw up on some thrift store and Ikea items and this definitely fits the bill. It’s also just the right size for the scale of my room, which is open concept to a certain extent and does double duty as a sitting room and office. The best part? This one was free. My mom let me take the coffee table off her hands and my brother was pretty happy to have it out of his garage/shop.

Now my room feels that much more complete. I’m still working on more details for the overall of the apartment (including a complete redo of the spare room and an extremely ambitious plan to make a shiplap headboard) but right now I’m pretty darn content.

It was a great weekend.


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