back to the future was wrong and i couldn’t be happier

Wednesday was Back to the Future Day. I’m sure you understand what it’s about, but just in case you don’t it is the day that Marty and Doc jumped to the future in in the film. We are literally living in the “future” now (or was, we’re beyond it now so this is uncharted territory. Brace yourself.) It was all over the internet and was kind of fun.

One of the things that people were holding up as the future was a prediction the movie made that the Chicago Cubs would end their curse and win the World Series in 2015. If you’re a Cubs fan that is a pretty hopeful thing and the team was looking pretty good. Lots of optimism.

That is if you’re a Cubs fan. And I’m not. I grew up a St. Louis Cardinals fan and the Cubs are our mortal enemies. When the Cubs eliminated my Birds it was painful, but I maintained that they would not go all the way. Last night, the New York Mets proved me right and totally proved Back to the Future wrong. They swept the Cubs. No World Series for Chicago. The curse continues.

So tonight, my Royals attempt to take down the Toronto Blue Jays. I have faith it will happen and then it will be a Royals-Mets Series. I feel good about that. And while I was really sad that we don’t have hoverboards, flying cars, cool face tattoos and fancy food rehydrators, I am definitely glad Back to the Future was wrong.



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