Earlier this month a bunch of my friends (hashtag squad) went to a secret Third Eye Blind show in San Francisco. The boys were masquerading as a cheeky British group called The Dazzleships.  The show was epic. My friends had a blast. They also sent me an amazing t-shirt from the show. The only problem? The shirt is a size medium. I haven’t worn a medium in…well. A very long time.

I want to wear that damn shirt.


I want to look good in that damn shirt.

The shirt has been hanging on the back of my door, mocking me every day since I got it. Then something changed on Sunday. I’m not sure if it was tied to my whole hard look at my life situation, but about the same time I decided to get real with myself I also decided to go back to the gym. Today is my third day straight of going to the gym and not just going and phoning it in. I’ve been pushing myself. I actually ran on Tuesday. Ran. Not while chased. I haven’t gone running since high school.

So add it to the list: I’m getting my body back. I am going to wear that damn shirt, mark my words.


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