This is a random post.

I’m that girl who went to graduate school (the second time) to study film and cheers harder for the makeup and hair Oscars than the actual film making ones. Go figure.

I love the Academy Awards. I look forward to it all year and get excited when I see the names of my former classmates or friends in the list of nominees. There are those that like to complain that the awards are just famous and rich people congratulating themselves, but they’re wrong. I have more than a few folks that I know in the Academy and they get to vote every year. These are not people who are famous or wealthy. These are people who get up every day and do the more taxing jobs that ultimately make movies what they are. Some are actors, some are writers, some are just techs. Yes, they all dream of financial security and some do dream of fame and fancy dresses but the aren’t voting to congratulate themselves. They know movies far better than the fan does. They know what goes into the final print.

I used to be one of those people who didn’t understand why my favorite sci fi films didn’t win anything, at least until I started studying. By the time I made my first short I realized that I didn’t know shit about movies. I also started looking at movies differently. I started being able to see the wires and the threads and the sweat that put them together. I haven’t been able to watch a movie and just lose myself since (I still feel badly for the people who had to listen to me talk about how Expendables 3 was a really solid example of use of Soviet montage.)

So yeah, there are a lot of famous and wealthy people getting nominations and awards. And yeah, they mostly deserve them. A ton of hard work goes into getting where they are and a good movie is about far, far more than fan reaction.

There. That’s off my chest. My weekend was pretty chill. On Friday I was able to let go of some of my anxiety, though I did make a big grown up step and made a mental health appointment for later today. A friend made it possible for me to buy my Stan Lee ticket for the upcoming Planet Comicon and I started taking mega doses of vitamin D because my body is apparently critically deficient. And I got a hot pink garden gnome that I’ve named Gnome Chomsky. It was a good weekend. I’m primed for a great week.


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