Currently obsessed with…The Olympics

I love the Olympics. In general, I don’t mind which Olympics it is (winter or summer games) but I do have a soft spot for swimming competitions. Watching pretty much any of the swimming events makes me miss the sport even if the last time I jumped into the pool with racing on my mind ended pretty horribly. Pro tip, folks, when your doctor tells you that you can’t swim until your stitches are out and incision is healed (especially when said stitches are in your chest) you listen. I chose to just get back in the water and ended up with an infection that made me fear the water for a long time to come.

But watching the talented athletes that listen to their doctor’s advice is truly a wonderful thing. Team USA has some amazing swimmers, like Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky. Watching them is a treat, but the swimmer that really got my heart this year was Yusra Mardini of the Refugee Olympic Team. I feel like she deserves a medal for her heroic act of pulling seventeen other refugees to safety by swimming more than three hours in the Mediterranean. Absolutely amazing and moving. She didn’t make it to finals for her event, but in my mind she’s a winner.

I’m also watching gymnastics because who doesn’t? I’ve always been fascinated gymnastics, but it was never a sport that I could do. I remember trying gymnastics out as a kid, but it was quickly pretty evident that I was not cut out to be  a gymnast. I’m too tall and have too long of legs…effectively kicking myself in the face on a vault. Whoops. But my lack of attachment to the sport doesn’t make the watching of it any less fun for me. In fact, it might make it more fun because I’m in awe.

So that’s what I’m up to. Watching the Olympics, procrastinating on some household projects, and trying to stay cool. What are you up to?


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