With Pins and Needles

I’ve been doing some work with a photographer friend recently. It’s been fantastic on so many levels, but specifically for my own creativity. It’s not that I haven’t been doing creative things (I consider blogging creative) but that I haven’t really gotten my hands into projects or felt like I truly created anything for a long time. While in my friend’s studio, however, I saw some of the darling handmade prop items she has. Little bonnets, cute baby pants, little toys — they are so precious and at the same time so simple. I kept finding myself thinking that if I just got my sewing machine out I could make things, too. So two weekends ago I found my sewing machine, cleaned it up, took some time to relearn how to operate it, and decided to sew.


My first project was a simple, slightly rustic baby bonnet. Why a bonnet? I have no idea. I have a baby boy who is definitely not the bonnet sort (he’s more into knit hats made by his Auntie Nery.) But I wanted to make a bonnet and so I gathered some random supplies from my thrift and scrap bags — bags that had been set aside for a long, long time — and just started forming and sewing. The result, a beautiful and in my opinion well made bonnet surprised me. It was so cute! It was well made! And all I wanted to do was make more. So I cleaned up the desk space in J.’s room and started thinking about projects that might be fun. A little quilt, perhaps. Some sweet baby headbands. Maybe some pants for J. I ended up being felled by a stomach flu before I could start anything, but now that I’m mostly on the mend the excitement is back.

I also started thinking about old blogs I used to read. Back in the early ’00s I spent every spare moment reading crafting blogs and trying their various tutorials. I taught myself various techniques, made some really cool projects, and even sold a few things on Etsy for awhile. So last night I decided to see if I could find some of those old blogs and, sure enough, I did. Going back over them I got inspired all over again and this time, now that I’m a mama with a little guy to sew for, some of the patterns and projects I’d skipped years before suddenly have interest to me now. So, now that the stomach flu is gone, I’ve lined up some projects. I think I’m going to start by making a faux Aden and Anais Burpy Bib and a minky-backed quilt for J. And of course, more adorable bonnets.


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