All good things.

All Good Things
When I started this blog 3 years ago I had a specific mission in mind. I wanted to present a normal life as lived, not staged or curated and made Instagram ready. “Rocking the imperfect life” was my own little rebellion. Let me be a mess in the face of all the other lifestyle bloggers who look so damn perfect all the time. Being human and being okay with that was my brand, if you will. It felt like a good idea.
Over the course of time, however, the idea of being a normal, average, happy human mess started to feel like the exact opposite of what I was trying to do. When I started Not Magazine Ready I had a kind of organized hot mess type of life. I was working multiple jobs, had just spontaneously moved after a falling out with my long-time roommate, and had experienced a career change. Writing about being a happy disaster fumbling her way towards something adult was fitting, but my life started changing. My mother’s long illness began to slide into the end. I had some very major and sobering health scares. I had another sudden and disorganized move. My mother died. I became a mother. Along the way and through these changes being a happy mess started becoming the curated fraud that I had wanted to avoid being. I was no longer happy with my disorganized life. I found myself longing for and seeking simplicity. It made it hard to stay on topic and I started slipping away.
This past weekend I was sitting on my couch feeling overwhelmed by the stuff in my home and my life. I realized that I was diminishing the quality of my life by continuing to live in a way that no longer fit with who I am becoming. I understood that the stress I was feeling about never being able to get done what I wanted to do was coming from the actual physical clutter in my way. In a moment of clarity I realized that I was no longer invested in being a happy disaster. Instead, I was wanting a simpler, more sturdy, more invested kind of life.
All good things must come to an end and this post is the end of my chapter of Not Magazine Ready. This will be the final post on this blog, but I am moving on to a new journey and adventure. Starting February 13th I will be blogging at Intentional Simplicity as I work towards building my life around the things that matter. But don’t worry: I’ll still sometimes be a disaster. Hope to see you there.

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